In Pursuit of Excellence

If you want to be great at something, you have to practice it every single day. Athletes train and practice constantly to perfect their sport,  and the mental game should be no exception. There are so many ways to train your mind and body, but for me personally, I love reading books that help me hone in on my skills that I’m trying to focus on. Reading is my favorite way to work on my mental game because it combines two of my favorite things; books and golf! I can throw a bookmark on the page that resonates with me and come back to it when I need a reminder!

There is so much emphasis on the mental aspect of golf because unlike many other sports, you have time to think between shots. You don’t have teammates out there with you, and you have to rely on yourself to be your own cheerleader. As a player, you must have the mental capacity to stay calm when you’re nervous, and to pump yourself up when you need to.

I have compiled a list of ten amazing mental game books that I have read/am currently reading. As I mentioned in one of my first blog posts, Bob Rotella is the guru of sports psychology and all of his books are incredible. However, this list includes other authors that may be harder to find.

I found all of these books at my local library, but I included links to each of these books on Amazon so that they are easy to find if you wish to have them on your own bookshelf:

1. Mastering Golf’s Mental Game by Michael T. Lardon

2. Golf for Enlightenment by Deepak Chopra

3. The Seven Personalities of Golf by Darrin Gee

4. Mistake Free Golf by Robert K. Winters

5. Golf in The Zone by Adrian Fryer & Dr. Karl Morris

6. In Pursuit of Excellence by Terry Orlick

7. Zen Golf by Dr. Joseph Parent

8. Golf Flow by Gio Valiente

9. Head in the Game by Brandon Sneed

10. Perfectly Balanced Golf  by Chuck Cook & Roger Schiffman

 I hope that you guys get a chance to check out some of these incredible books. If you’re a golfer, I am positive that these will be an asset to your game. Until next time, birdies!