Hello Birdies!

Hello birdies! Welcome to my blog! I am a girl from the midwest who just graduated and am now entering the world of professional golf. Along with my golf adventures, I’ll share my life tips and tricks about nutrition, fitness, and happiness. (Extra emphasis on the happiness!)

The past five years of my life have been filled to the brim with golf and school. While golfing first for Southern Illinois University, I earned my Bachelor’s Degree. I played my last year of eligibility for Columbia College, in my hometown of Columbia, Missouri where I earned my MBA. This past year has been the most challenging yet rewarding year of my life. I have completely re-fallen in love with golf, and will be pursuing my professional career on the Cactus Tour starting in 2018.

I am ecstatic to share my professional golf journey with you, as well as the other crazy and beautiful aspects of life. I wake up every morning grateful for the days before, and excited for the days ahead. I hope to share with you all not only the journey I am about to venture on, but also the joy that can come from living a healthy and happy lifestyle!