Five Delicious Low Calorie Starbucks Drinks

The past year while I was getting my MBA, I spent more time in coffee shops than I had combined in my entire life before then. I would go there to study, and then justify all my hard work by getting myself a drink. Chai tea lattes were my favorite drink (hot or cold, I don’t discriminate) until I realized that there are close to 80 grams of carbs in a venti iced chai.

It does not matter to me if the drink is liquid gold, I can’t deal with 80 g’s of carbs coming from a drink that will most likely be gone in a minute and twenty five seconds. Long story short, over the past year I have compiled some of my very favorite low carb drinks from Starbucks. I hope if you have found yourself reading this blog you’ll get a chance to try a new drink or maybe find a healthier substitution for one you already know you like.

There are always the obvious low carb options such as the coffees, espressos and teas. If you enjoy black coffee then you probably weren’t interested in this post to start with, but if you’re looking to shake things up or find a new go-to then keep reading! So here’s the line-up and in no particular order (nutrition information based on a grande serving size):

  • Coffee with two pumps of sugar free syrup (any flavor): 10 calories, 0 g carbs
  • Skinny soy vanilla latte: 170  calories, 22 g carbs
  • Skinny soy cinnamon dolce latte: 120 calories, 19 g carbs
  • Iced coffee with coconut milk & liquid stevia: 20 calories, 2 g carbs
  • Lightly sweetened iced chai with coconut milk: 150 calories, 28 g carbs

*Note: I order all of my drinks with soy milk instead of regular milk so feel free to substitute those out if milk doesn’t make you break out like it does for me. Lol. If soy isn’t your thing then go with the skim, 2%, etc.

I hope you all got some inspiration from this post, and hope that you find a new favorite!

Until next time, birdies!