Five Ways to Practice Mindfulness Throughout the Day

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“Mindfulness is the practice of finding the realm before and after words take place. Cultivating the ability to live completely in the present, deeply aware and appreciative of life.” 

-Gary Goch What Book? Buddha Poems

Mindfulness and meditation can be an overwhelmingly peaceful combination. The act of mindfulness is something I have been working on since I was introduced to the practice by my aunt. She took me to a dharma class, and I have been hooked since then! It can be difficult to silence my thoughts because like most of you, I have roughly one thousand ideas running through my brain at any given time, but with practice it has become easier.

Being mindful is something I like to practice every day, to help me both on the golf course and just in life. Learning to breathe, and calm your thoughts can be so beneficial for tasks that require patience. Learning to accept the feelings you have at any particular moment, and then letting them go without holding onto them is a very freeing practice that will change the way you think about things, and what you focus your energy on.

For example, if I hit a bad shot in a tournament, I can be disappointed and categorize that shot in my head as one that I will practice more in the future, and then move on. I will not hold on to that shot and let it discourage me. The same applies to life, where there will be bad breaks or people that are hard to deal with, but you accept the feelings you have and then let them go. Working on mindfulness can be so peaceful, and you don’t need expensive gear or a lot of time to practice throughout the day.

It can be difficult to devote time to practicing mindfulness each day, so I put together a small list of five ways to practice being mindful throughout the day:

Five Ways to Practice Mindfulness Throughout the Day

1. Turn basic everyday tasks into a practice session. When you’re making your bed in the morning, or making your coffee, use that small amount of time to practice being mindful. Focus on your breathing, how you feel at that moment, what sounds you hear, etc. Something as simple as this can be a great way to start your morning.

2. Give five minutes of your undivided attention to something. Whether it’s a book you are reading, or again, you just want to focus on your breathing, simply give all of your attention to that thought for just a few minutes. This will help you focus better and be more conscious about what you give your thoughts to.

3. Take a walk outside and just enjoy what the world has to offer. Notice the sounds and the weather, the people, and everything around you. Appreciate being there in that moment without thinking about the past or future.

4. Find beauty in the simple things. Appreciate the sunrise or the sunset, or how a book can make you feel, or the way your tea smells, etc. There is beauty everywhere if you are looking for it.

5. Mindful eating. Be mindful when you eat, focusing on nourishing your body and feeding it wholesome nutrients that will give you energy for the day. Appreciate the flavors and techniques that were used to create the food.

Any of these sugestions can help bring awareness to the present moment, and help you appreciate what life has to offer. These tips are easy to practice in small increments, and over time can help you become more mindful in all aspects of your life.


‘Til next time, birdies!

14 thoughts on “Five Ways to Practice Mindfulness Throughout the Day”

  1. Thanks for all these tips! I do think it’s important to let yourself just focus on the things around you – especially the little things – that bring you happiness or joy. It’s so easy to get caught up in your thoughts which are usually negative or filled with “need to do, need to do”.


  2. Love these tips- especially #4! It is such a profound practice that it can totally change our outlook on life which tends to focus on all the bad that is happening in the world.

  3. I like #1 a lot because it just goes to show you that it doesn’t require any extra time out of your day. It’s in those little moments and pockets of the day that we can stop and pay attention. It makes all the difference.

    Lately, I’ve been doing it while at the water cooler at work. It takes about a full minute to fill my entire water bottle up. An entire minute of deep breathing does wonders for me in the morning.

  4. Great read! Will definitely try tip 1&2. Sometimes we think too much and sort of lose track on being mindful of things.

  5. When I focus on even the simplest techniques such as a few deep breaths throughout the day, I am happier and healthier. I need to add mindful eating to my day as it seems that meals are always a rush lately and I don’t even taste the food. Thanks for this reminder!

  6. #3 and #5! Yes! I just finished reading a book about mindful eating, and I’m trying to incorporate it into each meal and snack. It is harder than I thought it would be but I think that makes sense since I didn’t develop my current eating habits overnight. Great list!

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